Monday, June 23, 2014


Hello again girls!!!  Have not done any more sewing but have been concentrating on learning to do Nupps in my Estonian lace knitting.  I have finally mastered them and am at present knitting a small scarf with a stitch called Lily of the Valley which I just love.  I am knitting the scarf using 95% pure cashmere yarn (white in colour).  This yarn is sooooo soft to touch, I bought it on eBay from China.  I am proud of it.  Half way through it, eight more sprigs of  Lily of the Valley to go.  Here is a photo (I love the way the LOV seems to curve).  Lace weight yarn is knitted on 3.5mm wooden needles - metal needles are too slippery.  The ladies in Estonia used to make their own needles with apple wood, oiled with the wool fleece (lanolin).  I have a book and DVD written by American Author Nancy Bush.  It took me about 3 years to finally master the Nupps (pronounced noops).
1st photo is of Lily of the valley and the 2nd photo is going to be a much wider and longer (pale pink) scarf.  These have to be dampened and pinned out after completion!!  Blocking, I think it is called!
That's it my friends, knitting can be so much FUN!!!
PS  just received 6 balls of finest wool (not as soft as cashmere) in the post from Estonia.  Gosh when this is knitted up the finished shawl will be so lacey!!!!   Why didn't I start this type of knitting years' ago?  I know why - I would not have perservered through the early stages of mastering the nupps.

Monday, March 17, 2014


 I've started a new quilt made from the fat quarters I have received in my monthly swaps
and also from my gorgeous birthday fat quarters.  I am not including the Oriental
fabrics I received as I have another idea for later.
I am trying to make one square a day at the moment - I now have four made!!!
They will finish up as 9" squares - how many will I make - maybe 72???
Can you recognise your fabrics girls?
All the best and happy birthday to all the girls who are celebrating this month!!
PS.  Cooling down a bit, so it's time to get the knitting needles out once more!!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Leonie made this gorgeous Christmas hanging and I just love it!!  I waited until Christmas to open the pressie.  I think I need a medal, because I can't usually wait to open pressies!!

 These are the gifts I sent to Leonie and she too was excited on opening!!!

I hope all the girls in the FAT QUARTER SWAP received many Blessings this Christmas and enjoyed their time spent with family members or friends!! 

Thank you to Cathy for co-ordinating this special group.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This is my very first Fat Quarter Swap and it was with Barb.  Thanks Barb I just love what you sent me, and I can always do with some extra embroidery threads..  Silly me forgot to photograph the red and white heart fabric I sent to Barb., but here is a piccy of what Barb sent me.  How well does the pink fabric in the background go with Barb's gift?  Made for each other I say!!!

 Thanks once again Barb!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Here is a photo of my extended Native Garden.  (I know lavender is not Native but it grows
well here too.  Two smaller Grevilleas are in the foreground.  They have  pale pink flowers
and will grow to approx 3 metres eventually, offering shade to surrounding ground plants.  The tall red flowered plant in the background is a Kangaroo Paw which was planted just before we bought the house nearly three years ago.  There are about 4 smaller growing red Grevilleas also.  They are called
"Robyn Gordon" and grow to about 1-1/2 metres in height.  The garden faces north west and in summer gets quite hot.  Hopefully the newer plants will have settled in by the time summer
arrives.  Our winter has been exceptionally warm in 2013.
Anyway will say goodnight to you all.  I need to get some beauty sleep tonight after staying
up to the wee hours of this morning watching the Aussies getting flogged yet again in the Cricket.
God bless you all once again!!!


Hello to the few bloggers who follow Marynan's Craft Room!!!
Lots of things have happened since I last blogged!!
DH and I don't mind the grandchildren as much any more!
They go to Daycare three days a week now.
Miss B will turn 5 in September and
Master K will turn 4 in October.
How the years are flying by!!!
They are an absolute  joy to have around.
I have been doing more English Paper Piecing using Sue Daley's Prairie Rose fabrics.
During the current Winter season I have been knitting some 8ply & 10ply berets/hats.
They have turned out beautifully as the photo will show.  The 10ply Bendigo Yarn Wool/Angora is just beautiful to work with, so soft and luxurious!!
I joined a fat quarter swap late last month and have already sent my partner her two Red and White
Heart Fat Quarters.  Guess what?  I forgot to take a photo of them before I sent them.  I am in the Birthday Swap too, and I hope Heather has received her gift.

(Here are three of the six hats I knitted, burgandy one in Totem, purple is in Bendigo Wool/Alpaca
and white one is in Sirdar Balmoral Wool/Alpaca)
Knitted a black one in Bendigo Wool/Alpaca for my DD.  What colour would she want but black??
They are so snuggly and warm and cover a multitude of hairdo sins!!!!!
After Council Approval, we had a gigantic tree removed from our front yard.  We had the tree chipped and extended our front garden and planted two medium sized Grevilleas that should grow to
three metres or 10 feet, that will bring heaps of Native Birds and Insects in as they grow, they are
already flowering.  I also planted some more Native Correas they flower during Autumn and Winter and will bring some colour during these colder months, also Native plants, are very WATER-WISE
plants after about 2 years.

See these lovely bananas - our very first bunch - and they were delicious!!!
The bigger ones were only about 5" and the rest smaller, about 100 in total.  They ripened all at
once, so bananas were coming out our ears by the finish.  We gave about 1/2 of them away to
relations, friends and acquaintenances.  They were sooooooooooo sweet and tasty!! 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My Craft room is becoming more functional by the day.  DH made me a large high cutting out table (about the height of a kitchen bench).  I now have my large cutting mat installed permanently on it and there is still plently of room to cut out garments etc.  An ordinary small table desk is to be permanently set up with one of my sewing machines too.

I have become interested in English Paper Piecing, and thanks to Sue Daley's new book, I am in the process of making a table runner.  The cream square above is 8-1/2"  The yellow hexagon is 1"
and the hexagon petals make it just a little bit different.  Sue has a lovely website called Busy Fingers, where you can buy all the necessaties needed to start you on your merry way, if you too are interested.  I will show you the completed table runner, when completed.  Yes it is a bit fiddly and time consuming, but doing it her way eliminates a lot of the tacking.  She suggests using glue instead (please check her website  ).  You will still need to tack around the curve though for a better result (only through the fabric).

Happy Crafting GIRLS and may God bless you greatly!!!