Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hello everyone in Blogland. As I am brand new and this is my first posting, I hope all goes well. I have a rotten head cold this week. Where did I pick it up from, you may ask. From the kids at school no doubt. This is the third year in a row that I have managed to catch the virus just in time for a school holiday period.

On a cheerier note, I have started making a baby girl quilt. I am machine embroidering some lovely little baby sunbonnet designs from Julie at JUJU designs and they are coming up beautifully. DIL is expecting her third child in October. I already have a baby boy quilt so I should have this new quilt completed on time. Here is a photo of the baby boy quilt. This quilt has machine appliqued animals on it. In my next blog I will give you a preview of the baby sunbonnet designs.
My little Tenterfield Terriers killed a large snake last month and dropped their gift at the front door. Thank heavens DH was on hand and managed to throw the dead serpent over the fence. The snake was a blue bellied black. It is related to the red bellied black and is quite common around Tamworth. Let's hope they don't tangle with a brown snake as these are deadly, deadly. The weather is cooling down now so snakes should be going into hibernation soon. Thank goodness!!
Well that's enough news for this Blog. See ya soon!!!


Kerry said...

Hi Maryanne,
Welcome to blogland, I know you have been a lurker for a long time.
Hope you get over your head cold soon and have some time to enjoy the holidays.
Your friend in stitching

gertie said...

Good on you Maryanne! I look forward to reading lots of interesting posts on your blog. The end of term is always bad for catching germs- my youngest has a cold too. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to meet you Maryanne, Trudi sent me over....
Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful projects.