Friday, April 17, 2009


You may be asking, what has Marynan been up to so far this year? Well I have been busy knitting socks. I am on to my 9th pair for this year. I will have lovely warm feet this winter. I have sought out sock yarn from everywhere. I have used hand dyed yarns from the Knittery, Opal Sock Yarn from Germany and Jigsaw Sock Yarn from Italy. They were all knitted in a lacey pattern. They have been fun to knit. I seem to be addicted to knitting socks. The next pair will be knitted for my dad who lives in Orange. I will knit them in a dark self striping yarn that I bought last year from Spotlight. 85% wool, 15% nylon, plain knitting. This yarn was on SPECIAL at $5 per 100g ball. Considering that you can pay up to $25 per 100g for 4ply sock yarn, that was a bargain, don't you think? 100g is enough to knit an adult pair of socks. Most of the pictured socks are made with 85% wool, the pale pastel sock, mauve and yellow, has some cotton in it. And the Knittery yarns, have cashmere in them. They are soooooo soft!!!

Sorry I am not showing you the little Baby Sunbonnets as promised yesterday.
I am going away for a week to be with Dad after his cataract operation. I will knit his socks whilst I am away.

See ya in a week or so! Come back soon as I will think of a giveaway while I am away. Tell your friends in Blogland about this site. UUUUUMMMMM!! I will put my thinking cap on!! What would I like to receive???????



Karen said...

Welcome to 'Blogland';) Your socks are totally awsome;)

Keziah said...

Hi Marynan
I have just returned from Brisbane and already miss my new granddaughter Jemma Grace, not to mention her big sister of 4 Lexy.
Great to see you in blogland and I just love your socks :>)
Bye for now

Chookyblue...... said...

welcome to blogland.......enjoy your sock making..........

Vicki said...

Hi Maryanne
Your socks look so warm & snuggly, you are so clever.
I really like your quilts too.
c ya
Vicki xxo

gertie said...

Brilliant socks- are the stripes formed by the yarn as you knit? I really admire great knitters because I'm not one of them!