Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hello ALL, I would like to show you my latest creation, my version of Natalie Ross' pattern called "A Pocketful of Sunshine". It is hanging from one of our 3 mandarin trees. My thanks go to Natalie for wonderful, accurate, easy to follow instructions. I loved every minute it took to make the bag and I am very happy with the finished result.
We had to snip the fruit off one of the mandarin trees as we have a dove sitting on 2 eggs in her very fragile looking nest, and everytime we picked a piece of fruit, she would fly out of the nest and sit in a nearby gum tree until we moved away. DH saw another dove calling today as it was obviously time to change shifts, sitting on the nest. So I don't know who is sitting there now, is it mum or is it dad? We had so many mandarins, DH cooked up a batch of mandarin and lime marmalade. We have a little citrus orchard where we have a kaffir lime (fragrant leaves for Thai cooking), a Tahitian Lime which has two crops a year of lovely juicy thin skinned limes, two Imperial mandarins, one other mandarin (with lots of seeds, Hickson I think), a Navel orange, two grapefruit and a Meyer lemon tree. With our fairly dry warm mediteranean climate, the citrus trees flourish. Olive trees would probably grow well too but they take too long to bear fruit and we don't like them.
I think I had better sign off now, as it is way past my bedtime!!! Thanks for dropping by. Until Next Time bye for now, take care, God Bless and give someone you love a hug and kiss, and tell them you love them!!
PS Strawberries were very cheap this week so I made 2 batches of yummy strawberry jam. Picked 4 recipes from the net and chose a recipe that was cooked in the micro wave oven. All finished and cleaned up within 30 minutes. It looks and tastes terrific.


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Such a pretty bag!! I love the fabrics you chose (just my style!), and your handiwork is beautiful. I'm so glad you're enjoying hand embroidery again. :-)

Dawn said...

Love the bag...beautiful fabric, it woulf look good hanging off my lemon tree.... he he
Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x