Sunday, October 18, 2009


How long has this bag been sitting in amongst my ufos???  - a few years at least.  This is one of Kerry Swain's patterns and all it needed was quite a lot of of hand sewing.  It is made out of a double sided quilted fabric and because it didn't need to be lined, it had unsightly raw seams inside it.  They needed to be covered with some bias fabric or wide bias binding, I chose the latter.  Mind you it was awkward to pin and sew and with many pin pricks to my hands I finished it all tonight.  I can't wait to use it now!!  Don't you think it looks pretty?

I have another  of Kerry's patterns to finish this week.  A sewing machine mat. I might finish it on Tuesday, our craft day!!!!!  Will show you when I finish it.

Good night everyone, I hope you are all asleep and not an insomniac, like me!!  GOD BLESS


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