Monday, November 23, 2009


 What's the weather been doing in your neck of the woods?  Well here in New South Wales we have been absolutely sweltering in heat above 40C, it is  going to be a cooler 35C today, maybe it will be under 30C tomorrow, but then more heat for the weekend!!  Lucky we have a swimming pool to COOL OFF in.  The temperature in the pool is up to 26C, don't want it any warmer than that.  We have shade cloth about 2  1/2 metres above the pool, so that keeps the hot sun off us.  We still get sunburnt a wee bit.  For you girls freezing in the Northern Hemisphere, 38C is about 100F

I have started a new quilt with Nancy Halverson's Angels Among Us fabrics.  It is coming along rather nicely, with a machine embroidered medallion centre.    I don't know what size it will end up being.  Depends on how long my fabric range lasts.  Martha Pullen is the designer of the machine embroidery.

Have you checked out Studio Mio's website here in Australia yet?  I bought some lovely lilac and pale pink,  leather bag handles.  I need to find a fabulous bag pattern so I can use them now.  Check these out!!  and they smell delicious too.

Well , one month and a few days left until Christmas GIRLS.  I have just about got all my pressies organised.  I am making a little embroidered Oriental doll, compliments  of Melly and Me, thanks for the pattern girls,  for my granddaughter Bianka.  Hope she likes it!!  This is her second Christmas!!

Our daughter Suj should be back from WA within a month.  We have really missed her and her fiance Pete.  Please pray for their safe return, they are driving back with their two large dogs.  I will try and do one more post before Christmas, so CYA next time!!



Anonymous said...

Lovely quilt Maryanne - we missed the 42 degree weather - only around 30/32 degrees in Brisbane but it is soooo humid it feels much hotter. I took my secret santa pressy but haven't stitched a stitch!! Will have to get very busy when I get back!
Luv Steph

Tuppence Crafts said...

Hi..I love your quilt, it is beautiful.
We have had cooler weather here in Melbourne, but I don't think that is going to last long...Patricia

Dawn said...

ooh Maryanne they look fabulous.. I am partial to the pink handles....Lol
Hugs Dawn x x x