Thursday, March 25, 2010


Long time no see!  What's been happening since my last blog post?  Oh well Christmas came and went, with the arrival back from Perth WA of my daughter and her fiance.  DH and I spent Christmas Day with both of them and our elder son.  Second son and family went to Sydney to spend the day with D-I-L's family.  That was fair enough as she has spent Christmas with us for four or five years now.

This Blog is so slow at the moment!!!  I hope I get through it.

I have some pics to show you on what I have been working on lately.+

Here is my gift for a new baby, ALEX.

And this lovely DUO is for Matilda, our brand new craft baby.

Well I am getting really peeved with this lot so will sign off now, bye


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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back on board for the New Year. Lovely projects for some special babies.