Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hello everyone again.

This is my third Blog in 10 DAYS, an all time record. Spring is finally in the air. Just wanted to show you my Tete a Tete Daffodils. Check the size of each Daffi. I have put one of DH's beer bottle tops in the top photo as a comparison. The Daffodils are just soooooo cute. My elder son gave me the top pot last year and in late Autumn I planted my own, some in an old pot that used to live under someone's bed once. (Please excuse the spilt coffee mark on the table near the pot.)

More rain this week; and our little property is lovely and green with a full dam down the front. I think it will be the best summer season we have experienced in the past 8 years.

No more news this time. For our overseas bloggers, we have a Federal Election when we are all voting to see whether we return a Labor Government or a change to a Coalition Government of the Liberal/National Party. Two hours to go until polling closes at 6 pm. We have heard nothing but ads. for voting for weeks now. We have been told to expect a cliff-hanger of a result - let's see what happens. DH and I voted about lunch time, so it's over and done with.

Cheerio until next time!


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gertie said...

I love daffodils 'cause they are so cheerful and since they come out around by birthday, I sought of consider them to be "my" flower. I especially like the ones growing in the chamber pot!!

Interesting days ahead for us I think in the world of politics....

Steph said...

Ah the daffys are lovely but bluebells are my favourite :>)
Looking forward to seeing you before you head off to the coast :>)