Thursday, August 19, 2010


Back of quilt


This week I have read quite a few Blogs and they have included the wonderful hexagon, and the many ways to use them.

I started this quilt more than 10 years ago and I am still not finished. Each hexagon's finished size is 6" across the centre, point to point. The cream centres are machine embroidered with 2 different Janome designs, and then hand quilted with either a heart or a circle to match the shapes of the machine embroidery. I used a wool batting in between the backing fabric and the top fabrics, so each hexagon is done in the quilt as you go method (easy to take some to make whilst travelling or visiting family.)

Please take a closer look at the photos to see what I did!!

We are moving within the next 3 months and I am in the process of sorting out my craft room. What will go into storage??? What will I take to have something to do whilst renting, before we buy another property??? What can I do without for 6 months??? NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING.

DH showed me an OBITUARY in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald. it reads in precis:- "The domestic arts were (woman's name) passion. She was a prolific knitter, crocheter and seamstress and would spend hours in wool and pattern shops going through patterns and buying wool or fabric.........Only too aware of the true retail price, she bought loads, especially expensive angoras, alpacas and mohair......When she died she had about 100 kilos of wool stockpiled and it has been donated to Wrap With Love......Buttons were another weakness. She died with probably 50,000 neatly put away in all manner of toffee, chocolate and biscuit tins. Some were still on their hand-sewn cards with the price in shillings and pence. She also gathered knitting patterns. Some 2000 have found their way to the Knitters' Guild Library and a few hundred to the Powerhouse Museum". This obit. was written, lovingly, by one of her four sons. Her husband gets a mention too, he predeceased her and here is a bit about his collection. "He had at least one of every timber, steel, plumbing, electrical, automotive or bicycle tool known to man. He had screws, bolts, nails, washers, nuts, wire, rivets, cable, glues and string, all neatly categorised." "But the house is empty now, for the first time in 55 years."

This brought tears to my eyes and I wonder if one of my children will write lovingly about my collection of fabrics, yarns etc. one day after I have left this earth!!!

I will close now on that note. May God bless you and keep you safe until next time.


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Tarnyia said...

Love the hexie's... the little embroideries are very sweet... and I to hope my kids remember me like that when cleaning up my sewing room... oh and they finish off my UFO's hahahaha xxxx

Vicki said...

Your hexie quilt is stunning Maryanne and a lot of work has gone into what you already have done. Its amazing and like you say is good for a grab and sew where ever you go. I love the obituary and am thinking I am very similar hehehe. But one has to collect these things and surround oneself with them as they bring joy and happiness :) Love it! Hugs Vicki

Steph said...

The hexagons look great - lots of work in those. Ah yes, I think a lot of my stuff will get sold on Ebay :>)
Will miss you when you are gone :>(

Steph said...

aagh, I mean't when you are gone to tea gardens :>)