Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello again,

 I have been cleaning out my craft room and found some unfinished knitting. I finished off the magenta coloured lace knitting scarf, embroidered the mauve beret that I had previously knitted and started something new, the multi pastel coloured shawl. The yarn for the shawl is Colinette Tagaletti, a merino wool and nylon tape yarn. I haven't knitted with a tape yarn before, it twists a lot. I have included a lace pattern, but that is very hard to see, a bit like a feather and fan pattern. I just love the colour. I am knitting it on a size 8 mm circular knitting needle.  I am also continuing to knit my  10ply  cardigan or jacket out of Colinette Iona yarn.  The combination of this yarn is mainly wool, little bit of mohair and little bit of silk.  It is in Florentina colourway which is a rich variegated jewell colurs.  These Colinette yarns are made in Wales UK and imported by Sarah Durant of Victoria.  They are quite expensive but I think they are just so luxurious.  Check out both the Colinette yarn website and Sarah Durant website.  Only trouble is both of these yarns have been discontinued, but Sarah Durant still has some supplies of both.  If you love knitting socks, check out the Jitterbug range as well.  All of Colinette yarns are hand-dyed. 

It is very difficult deciding what fabric and yarn I will need over the next 6 months.
We think we have sold our property, and are looking forward to living closer to our children and grandchildren. Our granddaughter will be two in September and our grandson will be 1 in October. Gee time seems to fly by.

Will finish off now, so until next time, may God bless you all!!!


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Tarnyia said...

WOW you have been very busy with your UFO's hahaha they look great... and how wonderful that you are moving closer to your kids... that is our plan in a couple of years time and I am so looking forward to it xxx

gertie said...

Love that lacey scarf! I'm pleased to hear that you may have finally sold your place and wish you all the best for the move. Hope it goes smoothly and that you find much joy in your new home. And keep up with the blogging!