Wednesday, October 6, 2010


About seven of the Tuesday girls got together on Tuesday 5th October for my last Tuesday with them.  Thanks girls, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I hope you all did too.  Two weeks' ago they presented me with some gorgeous stitcheries that they had done for me as a parting gift.  I just love them all girls and when I get settled again will make a wall hanging to remember you all with.

Today the removalists came and took all of our furniture etc. etc.  That will be delivered to our new rented address on Friday.  DH will be heading off on Friday morning for the 3 hour trip to our destination, but I will still be here for a few days, cleaning etc.  We have a little fridge, the microwave and a couple of foam mattresses to bed down on too, the computer is still with us, minus the printer, and a little TV to watch the Comm. Games with.

Last Friday my 10 year old Tenterfield Terrier Tess bit me on my right wrist.  She had her little head in an empty dog food tin, and I went to take it off her.  Well what a shock to my system; my first ever dog bite, and by my own dog.  I had a tetanus booster 12 months ago, included in our Whooping Cough vaccine but went to the doctor anyway where they cleansed, dressed the punctures and gave me a double whammy script for antibiotics just in case, because it was the long weekend.   Well on Saturday night with much pain, swelling, redness etc., DH went and had the script filled on Sunday morning.   It has improved quite a lot but my whole wrist is still sore, I think from the grip she had on it.  I would hate to be bitten by a larger dog.  I only have narrow wrists!!!

I have not used my sewing machines for over 2 months, a consolation to me is my knitting.   Another 2 ply lace shawl (magenta in colour) is on the way.  I haven't taken a photo of it yet, so sorry, no photos this time!!!

Bye for now and God's richest blessings to you all!!!


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