Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Here is a photo of my extended Native Garden.  (I know lavender is not Native but it grows
well here too.  Two smaller Grevilleas are in the foreground.  They have  pale pink flowers
and will grow to approx 3 metres eventually, offering shade to surrounding ground plants.  The tall red flowered plant in the background is a Kangaroo Paw which was planted just before we bought the house nearly three years ago.  There are about 4 smaller growing red Grevilleas also.  They are called
"Robyn Gordon" and grow to about 1-1/2 metres in height.  The garden faces north west and in summer gets quite hot.  Hopefully the newer plants will have settled in by the time summer
arrives.  Our winter has been exceptionally warm in 2013.
Anyway will say goodnight to you all.  I need to get some beauty sleep tonight after staying
up to the wee hours of this morning watching the Aussies getting flogged yet again in the Cricket.
God bless you all once again!!!

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