Monday, June 23, 2014


Hello again girls!!!  Have not done any more sewing but have been concentrating on learning to do Nupps in my Estonian lace knitting.  I have finally mastered them and am at present knitting a small scarf with a stitch called Lily of the Valley which I just love.  I am knitting the scarf using 95% pure cashmere yarn (white in colour).  This yarn is sooooo soft to touch, I bought it on eBay from China.  I am proud of it.  Half way through it, eight more sprigs of  Lily of the Valley to go.  Here is a photo (I love the way the LOV seems to curve).  Lace weight yarn is knitted on 3.5mm wooden needles - metal needles are too slippery.  The ladies in Estonia used to make their own needles with apple wood, oiled with the wool fleece (lanolin).  I have a book and DVD written by American Author Nancy Bush.  It took me about 3 years to finally master the Nupps (pronounced noops).
1st photo is of Lily of the valley and the 2nd photo is going to be a much wider and longer (pale pink) scarf.  These have to be dampened and pinned out after completion!!  Blocking, I think it is called!
That's it my friends, knitting can be so much FUN!!!
PS  just received 6 balls of finest wool (not as soft as cashmere) in the post from Estonia.  Gosh when this is knitted up the finished shawl will be so lacey!!!!   Why didn't I start this type of knitting years' ago?  I know why - I would not have perservered through the early stages of mastering the nupps.

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they are both gorgeous......esp the scarf.........